Read With Me Fluency available on Schoology

Our team is excited to announce that Read With Me Fluency is now available on Schoology, a learning management solution. You can install it here.


We bring the same exciting features available through our website to our Schoology app:

  • easily integrate reading fluency assessments using your existing classes
  • easy to understand reports showing your students’ progress individually and as a whole class
  • associate reading fluency assessments with your Schoology gradebook entries to automatically add scores to your gradebook as assessments are completed


Our Schoology app also works with our Read With Me Fluency iPad app, where you can record your students reading and play the video back to the student for self-reflection.

Sleek-geek is really excited to partner with Schoology and bring reading assessments to teachers, students, and parents around the world. Come Read With Me!

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