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Read With Me Fluency available on Schoology

Our team is excited to announce that Read With Me Fluency is now available on Schoology, a learning management solution. You can install it here.


We bring the same exciting features available through our website to our Schoology app:

  • easily integrate reading fluency assessments using your existing classes
  • easy to understand reports showing your students’ progress individually and as a whole class
  • associate reading fluency assessments with your Schoology gradebook entries to automatically add scores to your gradebook as assessments are completed


Our Schoology app also works with our Read With Me Fluency iPad app, where you can record your students reading and play the video back to the student for self-reflection.

Sleek-geek is really excited to partner with Schoology and bring reading assessments to teachers, students, and parents around the world. Come Read With Me!

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Read With Me Releases New Features!

Readwmelogo fullRead With Me, our award-winning app, has now released three exciting new features that are sure to make the experience of assessing fluency assessment an even more versatile and informative process.We listened to our users who were looking for even more customizable options that work for their style of assessment.First, we’ve added custom miscues. Unlike any other reading assessment, or fluency apps out there, Read With Me offers teachers and parents the ability to choose their own miscues to appear in the menu when they touch or click on the word.

Want to try it?

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.33.50 AM

From the settings window, in your teacher account, select Miscue options. You can now change the names of all the miscues. Don’t get what ‘Graphophonic’ means? Change it to Sound. Want to specify what other is? Change the name. And you can add more options that work for you and your district.

What should be an error?


The research around reading fluency varies, especially when it comes to marking miscues. Some scholars and teachers think that skipped words are not actual errors, but would still like to keep track of them. Others feel adamantly that skipped words are definitely errors that should count against a student’s correct words per minute count. And what about self-corrections? Here most people agree that the behavior should be noted, but that it shouldn’t be counted against a student’s accuracy or fluency score. Now you have the option to decide what you will see on your miscue menu, and whether it should count against a students overall score.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 11.36.57 AM

Caveat Caveat

While these settings make the Read With Me platform more robust and versatile, it is strongly recommended that teachers and parents don’t tinker around with these settings too much, especially in-between testing sessions with whole groups. The more these are changed over time and students are tested under varying conditions, the more the results will be lose reliability. So for best results, decide once what the settings should be and leave them for the duration of the student’s presence in your class or group.

New Group Reports

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.13.27 PM

We’ve added new graphing and report views that keep track of Approaching, Below, and Advanced students. Finally the free web version adds a feature previously only available on the the iPad version.
This feature allows teachers to make better groupings with their students, and they can better manually adjust their students’ reading level based on their benchmark status of their last assessment. This also allows teachers to quickly find students they have not yet tested, or who are due for a new assessment.

Google Sign-in

And finally, Google sign-ins. New users can take advantage of our new Google integration. Simply click on the Google icon on our site and login using your Google account.


Let us know what you think of these features! We are confident that teachers everywhere will rejoice at the ability to customize the experience even more.